Thursday, April 23, 2009

Romance Writers of Australia inc proudly presents The 2009 Romance Roadshow


Keri Arthur
New York Times Best Seller List author

Kelly Hunter
Harlequin Romance author, President of Romance Writers of Australia

Denise Rossetti
Ellora's Cave and Berkley author,

Plus: local authors, giveways and much, much more.

Come and hear some of Australia's leading romance authors talk about the craft of writing and the industry they work in. With interactive tutorials and an author panel, it's a day no aspiring author should miss.

After a day, full of information, relax and catch up with your new friends at our post Roadshow dinner.

Saturday 23rd May 2009
Good Earth Hotel
195 Adelaide Terrace

Cost: RWA Members $100
Non-Members $110
Dinner - tba

Prices include lunch, morning and afternoon tea

For further information on presenters and tutorial topics go to:

Enquiries: Julie-Anne
Registration Nicki

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Golden Wedding

It’s odd how spanners are thrown into the works, usually when I’m flat out - or on a deadline and racing towards the finish of one book or another. It seems to me that disasters, damned disasters and dire disasters come in threes. I was going to whinge about them - things like new spectacles where the lens ended up back to front, a computer that went radically wrong and cost a fortune to repair, and a car that did the same thing when we needed it most. While I stamped my foot, breathed fire and growled about indifferent service, bad workmanship and electronic devices with minds of their own, my Golden Wedding anniversary sneaked up on me.

I’m rarely out of my office and I’m not really a party animal. But the lovely family get together was totally enjoyable, and it gave me time to reflect on a great fifty-year relationship with my husband. We were born a day apart, grew up in the same street, went to the same schools and married as teenagers – and they say teenage marriages never last! We have a family of grown-up kids (well sometimes they’re grown up, at other times my offspring’s offspring exchange looks and roll their eyes in a way that tells me that they’re not always!). Like most kids they made mistakes from time to time while in training to be adults. I’ll admit they gave us some moments of alarm and angst, and were the cause of our grey hairs and me stomping up and down on the spot from time to time. But, hey, when I look back I seem to remember only the golden moments and the many many times we laughed together. Now for the “aw, gee shucks” moment. It’s my pleasure to embarrass the lot of you by saying: I love you all and thanks a lot! Life has never ever boring, and still isn’t.