Friday, February 12, 2016


Happy one indeed, since  my book, "Foxing the Geese" has received a starred review from Booklist, the American library review magazine. A great way to start the year off! 

Title:         FOXING THE GEESE

Publication:    BOOKLIST

Issue:         15TH MARCH 2016

* Foxing the Geese. Woods, Janet (Author), Apr 2016. 240 p. Severn, hardcover, $28.95. (9780727885821).

Vivienne Fox, the vicar’s daughter, has inherited a huge fortune from a distant relative. Since she has reached the terrible age of spinsterhood, her father is anxious for her to marry as soon as possible, so he sends her off to London to accompany her spoiled cousin who is also there for the Season. But Vivienne doesn’t want anyone to know about her new wealth. She wants a man to marry her for love. Lord Alex LeSayres might be an earl, but he’s broke. His father left him with a mountain of gambling debts, so he needs to find a rich wife, and quickly. Alex would much rather marry for love, but he’s too pragmatic for that. It’s just too bad that he’s fallen for Vivienne, the penniless daughter of a clergyman. Woods (Different Tides, 2014; Moon Cutters, 2014) has written a delightful Regency romp, complete with an Austen-worthy hero and a feisty, resourceful heroine who has no use for the social conventions of the time. This will be a pleasure to recommend to fans of historical romances.