Sunday, November 4, 2012



London/Dorset. World War 2

This third book in the Tall Poppies - Secrets and Lies trilogy will be released by Severn House, in hardcover, in February 2013. It can be pre-ordered from popular online bookshops, usually at a discount.

 About the book.

Meggie Elliot is a young woman of above average intelligence, and on the brink of adulthood. Living with her aunt and uncle in London at the outbreak of WW2 she’s intent on going to university, then pursuing a career in law. She is encouraged in this by her solicitor – a man she admires a little too much. Too old for her, he lets her know it.

In a burst of patriotism she joins the WRNS to do her bit for the war and is sent to work in a decoding unit. There she meets the dangerously exciting young aristocrat, Nicholas Cowan, whose own war efforts are definitely on the shady side.  Nick sweeps her off her feet.

But Meggie suspects Nick of being the man who burgled her aunt’s home, and to expose him would ruin a lot of lives. Against all reason, Meggie and Nick begin to fall in love . . .