Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I’ll Be There
Janet Woods

                               (The life and times of Janey Renfrew)

1960/70s London/Dorset.

Janey Renfrew has a troubled childhood in a quiet English village. A traumatic assault causes loss of her memory and she names the wrong man. He is sent to prison.
            Leaving home when she’s sixteen she goes to London and is befriended my Sandy. Both girls have dreams – Janey’s is to become a successful artist.
            Due to the good friends she makes, Janey succeeds. She meets Drifter, an American, and falls in love. Janey moves in with him and has his child. Drifter is pulled into the 70’s drug scene. Janey’s drink is laced and she swallows a small amount of LSD. The resulting ‘trip” opens her mind to the previous assaults and she discovers that she named the wrong man.
              Forced to return to America by his grandfather Drifter abandons Janey and their baby daughter. The pair are offered shelter by Janey’s agent, Devlin. He is a slave driver, but he wants her to succeed.
            Back into her life comes Griff, a long time friend from the village they grew up in. He is now a doctor. Beset by guilt over the past, she determines that she must put right the wrong that she unwittingly caused an innocent man. But there are other complications – especially when Janey falls in love and must chose one man over the other..


First published by Robert Hale London as “Against The Tide” 2003.
Copyright © Janet Woods

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