Saturday, March 30, 2013

Quarterly post.

It's ages since I've posted anything to my blog, but nobody has sent me frantic emails asking me where it is. As usual I've been working pretty hard, and it's been a long, very hot summer here. My latest book I'LL GET BY has just been released (Feb 2013). It was reviewed by WritingWA, which is the literary body for the State of western Australia (see below). The review also appeared in the West Newspaper. After writing 30 books this is my first review by them so I was understandably nervous. This book is the third one in the World Wars' trilogy and is preceded by books one and two: TALL POPPIES and SECRETS AND LIES.

I’ll Get By, Janet Woods (Severn House)
Set in London against the unfolding background of World War II, this is a story of a young woman’s journey to find love, happiness and the promise of a future amidst the destruction, uncertainty and horror of war.  The characters are familiar and endearing, without being too predictable and their efforts to retain some semblance of normality and social standing amidst the chaos and upheaval provides a warm-hearted glimpse of British stoicism in action.  There is a well-balanced mix of suspense, intrigue, and passion to suit avid romance readers, all capped off with a happy ending . . . . .West Australian Newspaper 29th Feb 2013. www.writingwaorganization.

I've just finished another book, a love story set amid the cut-throat world of smuggling along the British coast. Although I'm classified as a romance writer MOON CUTTERS is not full of romantic swaggering figures, but depicts the smugglers as the thieving bunch of criminals that they were - criminals who came from all walks of life. I've now started another book. No time to relax since this one is contracted.

What else nice has happened in my life? Firstly, a paperback saga I wrote for Simon and Schuster and which was published in 2004 has attracted a sale of over 7,000 copies to a bookclub. This one is A HANDFUL OF ASHES.

I've also released some of my older, out-of-print, books for ebooks through Belgrave House.

Last, but not least. A short story (non-romance) that was a runner up in the Katherine Susannah Prichard award three or so years ago is to be included in a  an American anthology with the theme - I thought I'd never see you again. "The Greek, The Dog, Shangri-La, and Me" is already contracted, and the anthology will be published and offered for sale by Novelist's Inc, which is a professional published writers' organisation.(NINK) for short.

All the best.