Saturday, September 15, 2007

Do you like limericks?

The week has been productive. At the start, Australian Woman’s Day magazine has accepted a short story called “Julie and Rex”. This will be my 15th story with the magazine over the years. Having the story accepted put me back into short story mode, so I wrote a second short story and entered that for an anthology.

Doing this delayed the completion of my current book. I have at the moment just over two chapters to go to complete the first draft, and have left the heroine locked in the wine cellar in an uncomfortable and dangerous state. It’s back to rescue her today with the hero being heroic.

Do you like Limericks? I think they’re fun to write. Three follow. They won first prize in a limerick competition a few years ago, and this is the first airing they’ve had since.

There once was a farmer named Worgan
Who liked to play Bach on his organ.
His toccata and fugue
Put in bull in the mood,
And his bellows were heard in Glamorgan.

There was an old woman in Dorset
Who couldn’t climb out of her corset.
She struggled and cursed,
But just made things worse
When she got tangled up on the faucet.

An aerobics instructor once said,
“My legs reach the back of my head.”
But she got in a stew
When she swallowed a shoe
And knocked out her tonsils instead.

Janet Woods © 2007

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