Thursday, November 19, 2009

Unforgettable November

It's been a busy, and unforgettable November so far. I had loads to do on my calendar, but there must be some slow Karma about, because I was ahead of everyone else, and things that were supposed to happen by a certain time, were late - therefore it made me late. Some things couldn't be put a hospital coming home from that to find that my editing for "Straw in The Wind" had arrived, just when I didn't feel like doing it.

Then there was a share of disastrous things, like the death of my elder sister after a short illness, my son breaking an ankle which was followed by my eldest grandson coming from interstate to visit, taking ill and ending up in hospital. That was followed this weekend by a younger granddaughter getting a ball in the eye playing T ball, which fractured a cheekbone.

However, I have started on the Christmas gift shopping and have got my overseas cards in the post - my memory jogged by two early arrivals. I've bought my own Christmas gift, too, something practical and expensive for my work - a new computer. To date I've received the accessories, but am still waiting for its arrival with some dread, since I'll then have to put it all together. I'm looking forward to the family Christmas party, when we all gather together in the back garden, get noisy, eat, drink and be merry too much. We'll reminisce about Christmases past and hope our grandchildren will remember their early Christmases with the same fondness and affection.

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