Friday, April 1, 2011


Severn House publishes books in several genres. Romance, ancient and modern. Saga. General fiction and Crime – in fact they have just launched a new line Crème de la Crime. I imagine you think this blog is a plug for Severn House as well as my book. Well, yes, it is. But why not when they publish my work, and have done so for some time? I’m proud to find myself in the company of well-known and best selling authors.

Of the twenty-eight books I’ve had published, LADY LIGHTFINGERS is my thirteenth publication with Severn House. It will be released in hardcover in June, and is available now for pre-order. LADY LIGHTFINGERS has a Dickensian feel in the location and story line, I've been told. As always, it has the traditional happy ending my readers have come to expect. I’ll let the blurb speak for itself. And yes . . . the lovely cover does reflect the story, since the gold watch and key features in the early pages of the book.

Severn House UK
Release date. June 30th 2011
ISBN: 978072788056

Raised in the slums in 1850s London, Celia Laws is a rarity, an educated young woman whose creative skills have attracted notice. But with family to care for, circumstances have driven her to pickpocketing. In Celia’s harsh world, it’s a small step from picking pockets to prostitution. When a young man offers her a fortune in return for spending a week with him, she takes the money and runs – to a spinster aunt in Dorset.

Aunt Harriet takes pity on her young relatives, and she offers them a home and opportunities. But Celia’s conscience will not allow her to forget the money she stole, nor can she bring herself to spend it. A chance encounter with Charles Curtis, the young lawyer she deceived – and eventually comes to admire – brings her face to face with her past and thrusts her into an uncertain future.

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Noelene said...

Congratulations on your latest, Lady Lightfingers, Janet. Lovely cover. I hope it does well for you. Must watch out for it in stores or preorder at TBD. Then again, I'm thinking "Kindle" for my birthday so hopefully it will be available as ebook too. Your stories appeal to me because they're family/country tales which I enjoy.