Sunday, November 10, 2013

Eyes of The Alchemist


Kavan’s quest is to save the people of Cabrilan and Truarc from total destruction, and he needs help from the woman destined to be his mate.

 Tiana is apprenticed to the Grand Alchemist as a healer. She is reluctant to heed the words of the barbarian lord and escapes before he comes to make her his mate. He sets a trap for her. Once captured by him, she is then captivated.

 Forces line up against them. There are deceitful traitors close to Kavan, a false alchemist called Finn with powerful magic that he follows into the chimera world, and the fearsome warrior beasts of Beltane.  And there is a legend, as old as time itself.

In the end Kavan chooses to forfeit his life to save his people. He offers Tiana a chance to live, but she follows her heart because she knows she’ll be unhappy without him.

Kavan’s followers suffer cruel leadership under Finn, but his followers believe he will return to save them.

There is a sign . . . a glimmer of hope . . .  a crystal pod washes down a mountainside and when the sun touches on it the two figures inside it they begin to stir. Is the legend about to be proved?
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This is the first fantasy I wrote, it was published for a short time in ebooks and is suitable for both adult and YA readers. I do hope readers enjoy my temporary departure from saga and historical romance. Follows is two snippets from reviews at the time. Both books earned four hearts and roses.

EYES OF THE ALCHEMIST is a great fantasy/paranormal story. There is magic, suspense and love mixed in this legend about a God's son and his lifemate. Reviewed by Jenni 2003.

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EYES OF THE ALCHEMIST. I like the way Ms Woods' mind works. I enjoyed this book very much, and I think any romance fantasy lover would. Midly sensual. Reviewer, Diane T. The romance studio 2003.       

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