Friday, May 9, 2008

Historical Photo Shoot.

Photo Shoot!

A few days ago I had my first experience of being a model. The shoot was to publicise the upcoming Perth Roadshow, which is a day of workshopping and fun featuring three of Australia’s brightest and most talented internationally published romance writing stars from the eastern states They are Anne Gracie, Marion Lennox and Trish Morey.

This day of workshopping will be of great benefit to those who want to write popular fiction of any genre, but especially those aiming at the romance and traditional womens’ fiction markets.

This roadshow takes place on Saturday 24th at the Good Earth Hotel in Adelaide terrace. Door open at 8-30 and the day finishes around five pm. Optional is dinner with the authors. Cost of the workshop is $100 including lunch and afternoon tea. $60 extra if you’d like to dine with the authors. Registration forms can be found on the Romance Writers of Australia Inc website. Closes on 17th May.

RIGHT - BACK TO THE PHOTO SHOOT. At 8.30 one morning Western Australia’s own internationally published authors - Janet Woods (moi) Sharon Milburn and Anna Jacobs presented themselves to a lovely home in Solomon Street in Fremantle, which had been generously offered to us by the owner for the shoot. There we met the fabulous and friendly crew from the West Australian newspaper magazine.

Make up artist and hairdressing was laid on. Somehow, my two inches of hair was tonged into curls and glued in place with hairspray that set like cement.
My face was painted with goo, my six remaining eyelashes mascaraed and my lips became a bring pink pout. I’m yet to see the result of this. Without my spectacles on a glance in the mirror revealed a pale, blurred and haggard blob with what seemed to be two pairs of eyebrows! I decided that you’re never to old to make an ass of yourself, and rather then worry about the result I’d just allow myself to be carried along with the tide.

We quickly selected outfits. Sharon, who has authored two regencies “Lord Whitley’s Bride” and “Captain’s Lady” and who is a teacher when she’s not being an author had brought along her own gown and accessories, a regency outfit. (see photos).The deep blue colour happened to match the colour of the velvet and lace outfit worn by the regency buck, who was plucked out of the West Australian’s office for the day. The gentleman certainly looked the part of the handsome hero.

My gown was pink, with silver tinsel on the bodice and room for panniers that would have produced hips like Queen Elizabeth 1st, and given new meaning to love handles. However, the padded panniers didn’t come with it, so the skirt drooped a bit. I had to pick the skirt up when I walked because it was to long (or I was too short). Anyway, the ginger house cat liked the skirt and amused himself by hiding under it, then wrestling with the frill.

The multi-published Anna Jacobs was elegantly late Victorian in black lace, pearls and cameo brooch. Her hair was middle parted and drawn back into curls.

I always enjoy it when something different and entirely unexpected happens. The morning was fun. The company was great, and I’m now looking forward, with a little dread I might add, to the end result.


Sharon Milburn said...

You've got to admit, Janet, it was great fun!
And our gorgeous hero is in this week's West Australian magazine dressed in camouflage and a flak jacket. I think I preferred him in blue velvet.
Janet looked gorgeous

Rachael Blair said...

Hey sounds like fun! Can't wait to see it! And can't wait for the RR.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Sounds like you all had a great time Janet. And you had a hero there to boot! We're having the Roadshow in Adelaide a week before Perth and I can't wait for it. Not long now :) Enjoy the day...