Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Here’s a date for your diary. Thursday June 5th -Trade Expo - Moonee Ponds.
One again, Pick A Pocket Books will be having a stand to promote their books and the authors who write them. Do drop in to see their display of books, and while you’re their, support an Australian author by buying one. Or take a look at their site.
To move on to some good news. I’m pleased to say that my latest book, WITHOUT REPROACH has been accepted by Severn house UK and will be released in October 2008.

Usually I write historical saga. This time I tried my hand at a contemporary romantic suspense. It was refreshing to write something different, and I hope that my readers will recognize my need for a temporary change of pace, and don’t desert me because it’s modern day. The next book will be a saga type historical again, I promise. In fact, I’ve already got the first chapter down.

I think I’ve said before that writing is hard work. If you keep writing the same kind of book over and over sometimes you can feel as though you’re stuck in a rut. A bored brain needs stimulation to sharpen it. A change of style is medicinal, in that it refreshes you.

Not many publishers approve of their author’s changing lanes. If they’ve spent time and effort building up an author’s name in a certain category, and that author has attracted a number of readers, then changing tack can throw it out of balance.

Writing modern novels is just as hard as writing historical, I find. Both have to be researched, especially if they are set in a country you don’t live in. Researching historical is easier. History doesn’t shift and change. In modern day things are changing fast. Electronic devises such as computers, reading devices, ipods and telephones are constantly changing. If you use them in a novel, by the time the book is published everything can be rendered obsolete.

This was brought home to me when I was last in the UK and staying with my son. On his desk is a telephone from the fifties, with a dial on the front. It works, but his three daughters can’t figure out how!

While I’m on line. Usually I get a couple of letters a month from readers. So far this month I’ve had six, from as far afield as England, Wales and Cyprus. I do appreciate hearing from readers, so to all those people who read my books and like them enough to write and tell me, a heartfelt thanks.

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