Monday, January 10, 2011

Audio books

It's not often that audio books get an airing on my blog. I don't know why, when most of my books are available from ISIS Soundings in audio form, as well as print. So this is to introduce my two latest books, 'Salting the Wound' which is read by Gordon Griffin. Gordon is a new reader for me. I'm quite looking forward to hearing a man read my work. It will be a change. The sequel,'Straw in the Wind' is read by Patience Tomlinson, a reader I'm familiar with, since she's read some of my earlier books.

People have asked me if I listen to my own work being read. Yes, I do. The readers bring a fresh eye to your work, and although the characters might not appear to be interpreted as you wrote them, the fresh slant on them is interesting.

Each disc lasts about an hour, and the whole book takes up approximately 8 discs.
For those of you who walk on a treadmill for exercise (as I do), this is an ideal way of "reading a book" especially when using headphones.

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