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Paper Doll

Review: Paper Doll – Janet Woods
"An exciting tale of forbidden passion, family secrets and cruel betrayals, Paper Doll is a vivid tale set during the 1920s sure to go down a treat with fans of historical fiction."

As the much-loved only daughter of a rich widower, Julia Howard is used to having her every whim and desire indulged by a father who worships the ground she walks on. Julia’s life is one constant whirl of high society parties and excessive shopping, but the cosseted socialite is unaware of the financial difficulties which her father is in. The toy manufacturing business that has been in the Howard family for generations is experiencing some financial difficulties, but Julia’s father is not ready to relinquish the reins of the company. He will fight tooth and nail to keep the business afloat, so he hires Dr. Martin Lee-Trafford to hopefully turn the family’s fortunes around.

Julia is less than impressed with her father’s choice of manager. For one thing, Dr. Lee-Trafford has got no experience when it comes to running a successful business; and secondly, capricious Julia finds her father’s newest employee to be a conventional stuffed shirt who is old beyond his years. The family’s financial problems, however, have certainly not affected Julia’s social life – or her desire to lose her virginity. However, when Julia’s plans to surrender her virginity go awry, she is relieved to be rescued by suave, sophisticated and charismatic businessman Latham Miller.

Latham Miller had dragged himself out of the gutter and become one of the richest men in England. Now in his forties, Latham is looking forward to settling down and he has fixed his sights firmly on Julia Howard – and on her father’s ailing business. Latham always gets what he wants, and even though initially Julia is opposed to the idea of marrying a man who is so much older than her, when tragedy strikes, lonely Julia finds herself turning to Latham. Accepting his marriage proposal seems like the sensible solution, but the married bliss that Julia had planned fails to materialize…

Latham has got no intention of remaining faithful. Betrayed, humiliated and dejected, Julia turns to her only friend, Martin. Julia quickly realizes that beneath Martin’s aloof exterior lies a kind, caring and gentle man. Julia has now fallen head over heels in love with Martin, but how can the two of them ever hope to have a future together when Julia is wed to another?

One of the genre’s most consistent writers, award-winning author Janet Woods has once again penned another winner with Paper Doll. A wonderfully written and immensely vivid romantic tale, Paper Doll is a gripping tale of sacrifice, redemption and second chances that is sure to hold readers spellbound.
As always, Janet Woods’ creates superb characters that leap off the pages and the heroine of Paper Doll, Julia Howard, is certainly no exception. It is a testament to Janet Woods’ extraordinary storytelling prowess that she managed to transform Julia from a spoilt and cosseted heiress into a strong, sensitive and sensible woman the reader could relate to and cheer for. I also liked the depth and nuances that she gave to other characters, such as Martin Lee Trafford, Latham Miller and Julia’s friend, Irene.An exceptional tale from a true mistress of the genre, Paper Doll is another triumph for the wonderful Janet Woods!

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Paper Doll is about to be released in trade paperback, and is available online from the usual bookshops for £10.00

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