Monday, June 11, 2012

Pandora's Girl

 PANDORA’S GIRL is the book that gave me trouble when the file got moth eaten during transfer from computer to computer. A lot of rewriting went into it, and my favourite book emerged intact once again.

 It’s the story of Pandora - married to an accountant who has affairs, and the mother of two teenage boys. Due to a legacy she decides to change her life, and finds it turned upside down when she learns that a daughter she gave birth to in her teens - supposedly a stillborn - was adopted out.

Family secrets spill over into the present and Pandora begins to unearth them. She sets out to find her daughter, and on the way meets a man she can love unreservedly.

Trinity lives in Australia, where she had a strict upbringing, and escapes from a country town. She meets Bruno who falls in love with her.

 When Trinity learns she’s adopted, she doesn’t want to meet or know her mother. She has what she’s always wanted. A man who loved her and a family in the daughter from his first marriage, and the once she is soon expecting.

Through tragedy, Trinity is restored to her mother when she has nobody left to turn to. She returns to England and there is an uneasy truce before the two women can compromise and understand each.

Available in several formats from Belgrave House

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