Sunday, May 26, 2013


It's time for some overdue praise for members of our talented critique group WORDWRIGHTS. Here in WA our group have all been working hard, getting our books up to scratch - and with considerable success!

Congratulations to all. I know how hard you've worked towards publication, some with full time day jobs to contend with as well.  Special congrats to the first timers, who have written some wonderful books, all different in style and voice - books they can be really proud of.

I've mentioned Anne E Summers first book SINGING MOUNTAIN before, reviewing it and showing off the lovely cover. The book has gathered some wonderful reviews from readers of Ebooks, and it's now available in print from Amazon and directly from the publisher, Solstice.

Eliza Redgold's first book has just been released by Harlequin and is available through the usual channels. Set in the lush vineyards of WA, mix together one young women with more grit than gold, a honey of a Frenchman - two adjoining estates in dispute over water and a whole heap of luscious truffles and what do you get? BLACK DIAMONDS!

Last, but not least comes the release of Venetia Green's erotic Vikings novel. If you're into delicious Danes, naughty Norwegians and sexy Swedes, or willing to give them a try - A HAWK ENSLAVED is a boatload full of erotic fun and it's available in electronic form and available from various sources.

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