Monday, September 29, 2008

Without Reproach

Romantic suspense
Severn House - Oct 1st 2008
ISBN 9780727867049

Charlie Parker dies in a car accident. As the fabric of his deceit is uncovered, the lives of three women involved with him are changed for ever. His mother meets the granddaughter she never knew she had. Kate Parker is a young woman already traumatised by an assault that's resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. Lauren Parker discovers that her marriage was not what it seemed. The tragedy draws the woman together, and they decide to move in together, in an isolated cottage in Dorset, where they'll be out of the glare of the media. Relations are strained as they learn to get on and support each other. To complicate matters, Lauren and DI Theo Ransom - who is investigating Charlie's affairs - fall in love. This complicates matters when a huge drugs haul is involved, and Lauren and Kate's lives are placed in mortal danger.


Anonymous said...

Janet, Some time ago I was privy to a little something you said relating to your novel ‘The Convicts Woman’ being recorded as an Audio book, which intrigued me. Last week I noticed Janet Wood silently sitting on the local library shelf, don’t get me wrong she’s been around the block a few times. She looked at me there was courage in her tiredness. I took her home. Patricia Galimore read ‘The Convicts Woman’ to me in the privacy of my office. I was supposed to be busily working, after all how distracting could a lady telling stories beside me be, I’m accustomed to these thing.
I’m a guy. All the stories aren’t true. I can multi task. I have a TV in my office.

The first line “It was cold, even for January,” hooked me. I lost a full day and some listening, like a child, to your creation. No need to compensate me, your tale was compensation enough. I must say I’m impressed with the reader’s ability to offer your story so well. And I have a new higher appreciation of the author’s talent, which was already close to the noon.

I’m going to acquire ‘Without Reproach’ without delay. It’s quite possible I may be addicted to your work Ms Woods. Please keep writing, if only to feed my habbit. ----------- Eric


To Ms. Janet Woodd

I wish a good success for your new book.
I have just read some of your posts. I liked the writing style.
I liked the way in which you put the words in creating the whole scene of a meaning. For other aspects of the writing, I can talk later on.

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Naval Langa

ajbarnett said...

Just want to wish you luck with your book.

It is my namesake. My novel is also called WITHOUT REPROACH, and was on the shelves just after Christmas 2007.

Maybe we could help each other out with promotion?
My web is my blog is perhaps you'd like to visit.

If you'll give me a mention on your blog, I'll give you a mention on mine - maybe reciprocal interviews.