Friday, November 7, 2008

Dropping in.

I'm just dropping in to report that the book I wrote about two blogs ago called, HEARTS OF GOLD - a historical romance that begins in the gold fields of Western Australia - has now been accepted by Severn House UK and will be released in April 09. In my usual fashion, I imagine the cover, though my visualization has never ever become a reality. For this book I see a golden heart diffused under water with ripples coming from it. My second slice of news is that audio right to 'Without Reproach' have been sold to ISIS Soundings.

Many thanks to Naval Langa and Eric for your comments.

I really haven't got much to blog about at the moment. I'm nearing the end of a novel and the characters have got such a strong grip on me that I just have to keep going , so my bum is glued to the chair. I love it when this happens, though whether it's entirely enjoyable is a moot point. Sure, when I really meld with the characters, so the story just happens, keeping going is irresistible. But sitting at the computer to the point of fatigue isn't healthy. I keep having to remind myself that the story will still be there tomorrow. I'm juggling four main characters, their stories with their plot conflicts, and the stories of the people around them and their plot conflicts, plus the main plot conflict. It's all going on in my brain as I head for the point of convergence.

My sister just rang me from New Zealand to ask me if I was okay, because she hadn't heard from me. No wonder. I've written two books in eight months without a break in between. Usually, I stop to clean my office between novels. This time I didn't. Three more chapters and the first draft will be finished. Then I must start the rewrite before I edit the manuscript for typos, of which there will be many. There always is when I write a book fast. Then I will take a rest...well, maybe...I've just sent a proposal to my agent for the next book.

All the best. Now....back to the fray!


Eleni Konstantine said...

Congratulations Janet. I do hope you get close to the cover you can imagine. You have been so busy...remember to take a break now and then. :)

Anonymous said...

Janet I’m hoping your latest sale becomes a well read must have accessory seen poking from every handbag at all the right places.

Your blogs are a wonderful reality snapshot for anyone especially those with a mind fostering the notion of authors living idealist, leisurely lifestyles. Your words paint a self-portrait of a hard working, industrious, creative person who struggles with the ever-present pressure of running a small business in an environment offering no guarantees. You’re a gem. ----------- Eric